Friday, May 16, 2014

Things heard this week

After letting students know that I will be at a different campus next year, here is a smattering of the things that came my way this week:

  • So I hear you’re abandoning us. ABANDONING!1
  • Once a Mav, always a Mav.
  • Is it cuz we’re not good enough for you? That must be it.2
  • So if we burn down that new building that you’re moving into, will you have to come back here?3
  • (This was from a coworker): Hi Brian. Or should I say, “Benedict”.4
  • (This was from a student): Hey Brian.
    Me: Stop calling me by my first name!
    Student: Why? You don’t even work here anymore.5
  • Round Rock doesn’t deserve you.6
  • I’m going to buy some glitter and THROW it at you. (When I asked “why glitter”…) Because glitter sticks to you and no matter how hard you try to clean it off, it’ll still be there. So when you see the glitter on your skin and clothes, you’ll be reminded of the day that I threw glitter at you.7

And this is probably the last time I will mention the “Divaz”:8

Earlier this week as I was taking attendance, I noticed that “Diva #3” was absent. I asked her friends if they knew where she was, and two of her co-divas responded almost simultaneously:

Diva #1: Today’s her birthday so she’s shopping all day.
Diva #2: She’s sick today.

This is what friends are for.

  1. This is from a student I had never before met, and is graduating this year, to boot. []
  2. Awwww :( []
  3. Horrible!!! []
  4. Ouch! []
  5. Double Ouch!!! []
  6. This one tugged at my heart a little bit, not gonna lie. []
  7. This one required some premeditation, I think. []
  8. On a side note, I asked students to sign my yearbook this week, and three of the divas did so. What impressed me was that next to their names, they signed as “diva #1” “diva #2” and “diva #3” — and they all signed as the correct diva number, based on this post. Funny! []