“Show me your ears.”

Because some of this stuff, you could not make up if you tried.

Context: It is week #13.1 We have two days to go until our first-ever week-long Thanksgiving Break.2

A brief conversation from class this morning as we were about to start our lesson:

Student #1: If we win state,3 will you get a mohawk?4
Me: Uh… no. Pretty sure that wouldn’t look good on me.
Student #2: [Gasp!] You should tie it back in ponytail!5
Me: [Rolls eyes in silence and trying not to smile so as to encourage them…]
Student #3: ooOOooo! You could do a ponytail that goes straight up!!6 And then get your ears pierced!!!
Me: Uh…
Student #4 (who is a football player): Show me your ears.7
Me: WHAT?!?
Student #4: We’ve never actually seen your ears before.8 C’mon, just whip ’em out!9

Somehow I managed a silky-smooth transition from that into a lesson about using the Normal model with combinations of random variables. Don’t ask me how. It just happened.

Turkey week break, please come hither.

  1. Frighteningly, we are about at the halfway mark of the course in AP Stat. It’s darn near impossible for me to believe that even as I type it now. We’re halfway there…. []
  2. So everyone is getting kinda delirious. []
  3. our football team is in the playoffs []
  4. On a side-note, it has apparently become a popular pastime as of late for students to bugger me about getting my hair cut. []
  5. This is another equally foolish notion that seems to be gaining a cult-like following. []
  6. This was from a normally quiet kid who sits in front and doesn’t usually say much, to boot. []
  7. Yes, that sounded as awkward in person as it reads on screen. []
  8. Which is a total lie. My hair was short enough to see my ears as recently as September… []
  9. Yes, again… just as awk-sounding in person as in print. []