Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple pleasures

Every once in a blue moon, I actually get to leave work before 5pm.

It doesn’t happen often.1

But when it does, oh man, it’s like the skies opening up, with swaths of light beaming down along with a heavenly chorus.

. . .


Today I introduced my students to “How Do You Feel Today”.2 Last year, I didn’t get to do these until week #7, but it was a slow morning, and I think this Monday demanded it.

I originally got this from my 11th grade English teacher3 and have since passed them on to every single one of my classes. They have nothing to do with math, but every now and then we need a nice distraction — even if only for a moment.

  1. I’ll bet I can count the number of times all year on my two hands… keep in mind we work ~187 days or so. []
  2. I ask students to get out a half-sheet of paper, then pick a face that describes how they are feeling, and write 2 or 3 sentences explaining why. Hey, we’re trying to emphasize writing as a campus, so this year it almost actually fits! []
  3. who was probably my favorite of all of my high school teachers. Yes, my favorite high school teacher was an English teacher, not a math teacher. []