About this blog

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My name is Brian. I’m a high school math teacher, and this is my blog, where you will find a collection of assorted thoughts and ramblings — mostly regarding my trek though life1 as a teacher. Most2 of this blog was written while enjoying a cup of black coffee.

Initially this blog was mean to capture my thoughts on the 2013-14 school year.3 If that’s all you care to read, there is a dedicated section for that over here.

Occasionally I get a curious soul that asks how I wandered into this walk of life. “Every Beginning Has a Story” is the closest thing to an explanation that you’ll ever get from me.

If, perhaps, you were looking for my class website, that’s over here.

If you’re interested in the bio I posted of myself on my class site, that’s over yonder as well.

If you keep up with this blog, I think you may have too much free time. =) Which, speaking of free time, I have a page on my class site specifically for people that are bored. Feel free to entertain yourself~

Oh, and if you’re curious about the significance of the phrase, “six minutes of separation”, head this way.

  1. Between the constant lesson planning, tweaking, re-planning, grading papers, tutorials, re-tweaking, and — oh yeah — eating and sleeping (there is some time in there for guitars, games, and good food), one does their best to squeak out some semblance of what others may refer to as “a life.” []
  2. I wanted to say “ALL”, but that would have been a slight exaggeration. Only slight. []
  3. which ended up being my final year at my first campus. []