What follows is a brief overview of the different “sections” (a.k.a., categories) that all of the posts in this blog are divided up into. Note that some posts may belong to more than one section.

Maroon 9

“Season 8”, the 2014-15 school year. Starting over at a new campus. Year 9. In maroon.

Year 8

a.k.a., “Season 7”, or the 2013-14 school year. While on paper this was my 8th year in the teaching profession, my first year started mid-season, in January, thus I refer to that as “Season 0”. This turned out to be my last year at my first campus, and it was a special one at that.


Finally, these are the posts that earn a “gold star”. They literally have a gold star next to the post title. The gems of the journey.

The Off-Season

The occasional summertime update. Also an occasional peek at the prep for the upcoming season.

Reading List

Links to off-site posts that are (maybe) worth a read (usually related to statistics or education).