Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Precious Doodles

I’ve seen many a precious doodles on my papers throughout the years, but this one that I discovered this morning might just take the cake:

Cute that the "stat teacher" is depicted as the North Star.  But... she thinks that I led them into a typhoon? lol
Cute that the “stat teacher” is depicted as the North Star. But… she thinks that I led them into a typhoon? lol

One of my students doodled this on her AP Exam last year1 in the margin below the final problem on the exam.2

I only stumbled upon this while digging through the stack of last year’s AP exam booklets3 so that I could show my current students what the exact format of the exam looks like.

But while flipping through the exams of yesteryear, I was again reminded of the fact that I have been blessed with the opportunity to cross paths with some of the most incredibly brilliant minds over the course of the past eight years.

AP exams take place over a two week period, which began this week on Monday. Up until last year, the AP Statistics exam was on the Wednesday of the second week.4 Now that our exam is at the end of the jam-packed first week — along with Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, and English — it seems that fewer kids are staying for after-school tutorials this week. And who can blame them?

One of my former students shared this with me on Facebook today, and… it is soooooooo right:5


Two days to go.

  1. yes, on the actual AP Exam… apparently she finished with enough time to spare to draw an illustration for every one of the six free response questions in the test booklet. This is remarkable if for no other reason than: we had no idea that the actual exams would be returned to the teachers this year (which to our knowledge has never actually happened before). And if you’re curious: this amazing child made a “5” on the exam. []
  2. problem #6 of the FRQ, which of course was about typhoons. []
  3. which, truth be told, I still don’t know why we got them back this year. We’ve never gotten them back before… and it wouldn’t surprise me if we never get them back again. []
  4. So was the 11th grade English Language exam, so those two seem to be moving in lockstep []
  5. This probably describes students, as much as it does teachers. []