Finally catch a break

Today at around 4pm, the announcement came over the intercom that the district agreed to extend the end of the six weeks by a week.

Simultaneously, I heard a faint chorus of angels singing “Hallelujah”.

Now instead of frantically trying to figure out how to make up for 3 ice days between now and Valentine’s Day,12 we now have until the end of next week to fit in our 2nd major exam of the six weeks. 3

While it was great to finally catch a break, in a way it’s analogous to raising the debt ceiling4 — great in the interim, but something that we will have to “pay back” eventually. By that, I mean:

  1. Spring Break still begins on March 7, and…
  2. the Statistics AP Exam is still May 9.

It’s not like either of those “hard deadlines” is getting pushed back.

. . .

This morning when it became obvious that school would start 2 hours late today,5 I was fearing that I would have to toss two of my favorite activities overboard: Globe-tossing and flying frogs,6 but it looks as though I’ll at least be able to save the latter.


  1. which is, by the way, in 3 calendar days. In other words: Impossible. []
  2. also something which, by the way, I had to explain to students is something that I do not celebrate -_- []
  3. If you’re not familiar with “the system” and are wondering why we need to fit in 2 major exams each six weeks, that is a whole other discussion that perhaps I’ll tackle another day. []
  4. oh did that happen today? []
  5. which made it 3-and-a-half “A-days” in 3 weeks []
  6. which, by the way, would really really suck — let’s face it, any student remembers those activities a lot longer than any textbook concept. []