Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Movies I Saw in 2017

This year’s1 list is shorter than the previous three, thanks to my two month break from the cinemas in June and July.23

Like the previous iterations (see: 2016 2015 2014), this is in reverse-chronological order.4

The tl;dr version?

“Molly’s Game” makes the top of my list5 with “Your Name.”6 and “Thor: Ragnarok” not far behind. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” might make my top 50.78


Molly’s Game9
Star Wars: The Last Jedi10
Lady Bird11
Justice League12
Murder on the Orient Express
Blade Runner 2049
Thor: Ragnarok14
Logan Lucky15
Kingsman: The Golden Circle16
The Hitman’s Bodyguard17
Baby Driver18
Wonder Woman19
The Dark Tower20
The Mummy22
Free Fire23
Alien: Covenant24
The Fate of the Furious25
Your Name.26
Ghost in the Shell (2017)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 228
Lego Batman
The Great Wall30
John Wick: Chapter 231
Kong: Skull Island32
A Cure for Wellness
XXX: Return of Xander Cage34
Patriots Day35

  1. There are still a few days to go at the time of publishing, but this is going to be it. []
  2. blame: Iceland. and Ireland. and… the PNW. If you’re into blaming Canada for everything, do so… []
  3. along with my focusing on… other projects. []
  4. IMO, 2017 > 2016. []
  5. If sorted by reverse-chronology or by awesomeness []
  6. Don’t trip out over my punctuation: The. period. is. part. of. the. movie. title. []
  7. If you think that’s savage, buy me a drink and I’ll tell you what I really think… []
  8. However this is especially savage when you consider that I barely saw 30 movies this year. I know, I’m slipping… []
  9. This was very good, in a “so ridiculous that it’s almost inspiring” kind of way. No, I swear, I don’t plan on doing anything illegal o_0 []
  10. If you’re heading to the movies and have a choice between this and “Molly’s Game”, please: watch “Molly’s Game”. []
  11. This was good. []
  12. I give props to DC for casting Khal Drogo as Aquaman – just not a cool, tough sounding superhero otherwise. []
  13. Matt Damon’s finest moment, this is not. []
  14. I kept seeing the phrase “Best Marvel movie ever” thrown around before I saw it. I scoffed. Turns out it wasn’t that wrong… []
  15. Ocean’s Eleven with rednecks, and a NASCAR race in place of a casino []
  16. Not quite as charming as the original. Either really bad or fairly entertaining – still not sure which… []
  17. You need some decent Sam L. every now and then… []
  18. Had to watch this on BluRay after my summer travels… []
  19. Another one I had to watch on BluRay. Very unlike DC – meaning very good – though I thought it slipped in the final act. []
  20. I’ve read absolutely ZERO of the books, but I thought it was pretty decent… until it apparently runs out of reel in the last 20 minutes or so. []
  21. Like any Chris Nolan movie, I hope you saw this in genuine IMAX. I wonder what he’s working on next… []
  22. Ugh. Tom Cruise’s finest moment, this is NOT. If you’re debating watching the home release: Do not. []
  23. I had to Google this, as I totally forgot what it was about. Long story short: Brie Larson. []
  24. Still mad that I had to sit next to a six-year old for this at the freaking ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE… []
  25. a.k.a., Fast and Furious 8 []
  26. Goodness this was good! []
  27. That ending though… almost begs for a sequel, just for the post-apocalyptic entertainment value. []
  28. I didn’t like it as much as the first, though I know others disagree []
  29. Not to be confused with “Logan Lucky”. This one has nothing to do with rednecks heisting a NASCAR race… []
  30. Matt Damon’s finest moment, this is definitively NOT. []
  31. Not nearly as good as the first – which was greatness. But a pencil, you do see… []
  32. They’re trying to tie this in with Godzilla to do some super-villian mashup, Avengers-style? … … … really?! []
  33. You need some decent Matthew McConaughey every now and then… []
  34. My propensity for cheesy Vin Diesel and all… []
  35. Markie Mark in his typical heroic tear-jerker – this one about the Boston marathon bombing []
  36. Mathilda has come a long way~ []