Saturday, September 14, 2013

Opening Day surveys, 3 weeks later

So I’m going back over the first day questionnaires that I gave to my students and reading them again (now that I actually know who everyone is). 1

Here are some of the questions that I ask them to answer, along with a few of the more intriguing responses that I got this year:

What did you do this summer?

  • “Traveled the world (just part of it)”
  • “Attended nuclear engineering camp at Stanford.”2

Do you have any hobbies?

  • “Does shopping count as a hobby?”
  • “I like to draw & eat.”

Why are you taking this class?

  • “Because I took pre-cal & figured if calculus was anything close to it then I wanted to stay away from it.”
  • “Counselors put me in the wrong class. I’m switching out.”3
  • “To see math in a new light because the prior ‘lights’ have not been too great.”
  • “To boost my GPA.”4
  • “I wanted to take a class that would push me but not kill me.”
  • “I was originally going to take something else, and… I thought, Hey! Mr. Youn kept trying to recruit me so why not?”5
  • “…My sister told me her teacher taught her how to play poker at the end of the school year.”6
  • “I heard you were a good teacher.”7
  • “Because it makes me see things in a different light. I want to know other ways to skin a cat.”

How important is the AP Exam to you?

  • “5 or die.”

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities? About how many hours a week? What about a job?

  • “Hanging out with friends. 16 hours.”
  • “Boyfriend.”
  • “I have no outdoor activities.”8

Where do you plan to be after high school? College? If so, studying what?

  • “Anything away from home.”
  • “Out of the house.”
  • “Hopefully a somewhat prestigious college studying something I’m passionate about.”

Do you have any other comments or questions for me?

  • “Math doesn’t come naturally to me so you’ll see me in tutorials almost every day!”9
  • “What nationality are you?”
  • “Are you Korean?”
  • “Do you speak Korean?”
  • “I’m Korean whaaaat”
  • “No.”
  1. Because this sure beats the heck out of watching the Longhorns stumble against Ole Miss. []
  2. o_O []
  3. this kid actually decided to stay []
  4. I always find this amusing. Apparently AP Stat has a reputation as a “GPA booster” which is fair, to an extent… but deceptive to a few, I think. I really don’t mind as long as the students can hack it. []
  5. Wow! it works!? []
  6. lol! That teacher was NOT me! []
  7. Aww! I get this more than I feel like I deserve, and every time I think the same thing: “I hope I don’t disappoint…” =/ []
  8. I think this kid misunderstood the question. Actually I think all three of these misunderstood the question. []
  9. this kid dropped after the 2nd day :( []