Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“There’s no such things as the ‘best’ teacher”

Good read this morning from Sarah Blaine’s blog “parentingthecore”:1

“The Best For Me”

Here’s an excerpt:

We all make our way through school: sometimes we have teachers who inspire us, like Professor Bernstein. Sometimes we have terrific teachers we’re just not yet ready to learn from, like Mr. Winkler was for me. And sometimes we have teachers with whom we just don’t click. That’s an inherent part of the human experience. I know it was true when I taught: there were kids I know I reached, and there were kids I know I didn’t reach.

A good reminder that even the “best” can’t be perfect.

  1. Incidentally, I first caught wind of her her blog in February, when her “You think you know what teachers do?” post went viral. By the way, the picture at the bottom of this post is worth a thousand bucks. []