Saturday, May 31, 2014

NOPE. (“random” thoughts)

Disclaimer: This post is definitely not meant to be a gripe. And I sure-as-heck do not want to spark the slippery discussion about how teachers are paid — truly, I don’t wish to go there. Nor do I desire to discuss WHY teachers get into the profession in the first place.1 This is just a “random”2 thought I had whilst catching up with a former student at our high school’s graduation last night.

I’ve had two former students — on two separate occasions — recently ask me about my move to a new school next fall:

“Are you getting paid more over there?”

And that’s cute. =)

Because if you’re a teacher and/or know how teacher pay scales work, you understand: That’s not the way it works.

But that’s the funny thing.

The reason that question even gets asked is because that sort of thinking — that a horizontal move elsewhere somehow equates to a bump in salary — actually makes sense almost everywhere else in the “real world”.

  1. Hint: It’s never for the money! []
  2. As a Statistics teacher, I can’t use the word “random” in the typical colloquial sense without riling up my conscience… []