Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What happens when you DON’T lose any days to bad weather (or any other garbage)

There’s an extra class day1 leading up to Spring Break that I build into our class calendar, just in case.2

So since we had some space to breathe this go-round, I gave my classes a break earlier this week and did not assign homework.3

Two of my students — in different classes — asked, “What’s the catch?”

Some of them flat out didn’t believe me.

Well today, a few of them came back and said,

“Yeah, that felt really weird.”4

Three more lessons to go — all after Spring Break.

  1. or two? []
  2. Née, 2014, anyone? []
  3. Technically I just moved it to the next day and made it “in-class work”, but most of my students simply heard “no homework”. []
  4. One kid who has never done any homework retorted with, “That felt normal.” -_- []